Be a Mentor


You will be paired with one of our teen mothers.  Once a week or once every other week you would meet with your mentee for at least an hour.  This meeting would take place at Haven Home for Girls. 


Prior to starting you would be required to complete a series of trainings.  How many trainings would depend on how involved you would like to be  – for instance, if you would like the opportunity to take your mentee off-site at some point, that would require additional trainings. 




Train staff in areas such as First Aid/CPR, Fire Safety, Special issues effecting this population, etc.


Daycare Aide


You will aid the director of the daycare program by working one on one with the babies of the program.Reading, playing holding, rocking, etc.


Outside Maintenance


You will help with the mowing, weed wacking, snow shoveling, plowing, salting, etc.  


Indoor Maintenance


You will help with the maintenance issues that occur inside, such as clogged drains, fixing the carpets, possibly some remodeling work, etc.


Group Facilitator


A group facilitator will hold groups with the girls.  This could include topics such as anger management, self esteem, job skills, parenting, budgeting, cooking, nutrition, sewing, physical fitness, book club, gardening, etc.