Haven Home for Girls


Cheyenne’s Story

  “My experience at Haven Home For Girls helped and changed me in many ways.  Being at Haven Home For Girls helped me become a better mother to my daughter.  It also made me wanna change and make good choices.  I was sent to Haven Home For Girls because of truancy issues and being a young mother.  

    During my stay at Haven Home For Girls I took parenting classes, went to school, and attended all my scheduled doctor appointments.  At first I didn’t like Haven Home For Girls, but the day after I left I wanted to go back.  It changed me and made me the person I am today.  I thank Haven Home For Girls for helping me get a closer bond with my daughter and helping me, and being my support system.  

   Haven Home For Girls is somewhere that will change and help you in multiple ways even if you think you can’t!  The staff are amazing and you’re always safe.  The things I mostly learned at Haven Home for Girls is that making bad choices will get you nowhere.  They truly inspire you and help you get through.  I loved my stay at Haven Home For Girls!

    It really did change me and I love the person I’ve become.  I’m mostly glad you guys (Haven Home for Girls) helped me be a better mother to my daughter💖.”

Molly’s Story

   “At first I wasn’t too sure about Haven Home For Girls.  I was nervous, stressed out, and ashamed I put myself in such a position to have to be away from my family and friends. Never would I of thought that I would bawl my eyes out the day I left, actually miss this place and try to visit the staff, girls, and babies as much as possible.  

   On some occasions I actually wish I was back there, because adulthood isn’t what it makes out to be at all.  I learned so much about motherhood, had so many open ears that were willing to listen, shoulders to cry on, patience from the staff when I was pregnant.  I met a lot of great people, and there was so much support in the room when I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. Without this house I would not be where I am today; a single mom up on my own two feet, alive and sober for almost a year with my own place and money saved in the bank!  

  My precious daughter has everything she needs because of this maternity house.  I couldn’t thank everyone there enough for the amazing experience, countless laughs, and for creating this wonderful chapter in this life that I will never forget ❤❤❤.”