Haven Home for Girls

We have the ability, the experience, and the passion to assist this population so that they may reach their full potential.



Persons not considered for acceptance into Haven Home for Girls include violent sex offenders, fire-starters, and persons who have an IQ below 70.  All others will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine our ability to provide her with the services that she needs, as well as her willingness to participate in our program.  We prefer to interview each youth who is referred to Haven Home for Girls, however, we also accept emergency placements.  


— Referrals

To ask questions, you may call the Founder/Director, Laura Albright, at 724-372-1251,  fax her at 215-717-4654, or email her at lalbright@havenhomeforgirls.orgIf you are ready to make a referral, you may fill out the referral packet send it via email or fax.  No specific evaluations are required prior to entry into this program. 


— Admissions Process

When a referral is received, a Haven Home for Girls designated staff person will conduct an interview if there is time to do so.  During that time, the youth will be asked to make a verbal commitment to follow all program expectations.  Haven Home for Girls will communicate with the referring agency as to whether or not said person’s needs are able to be met by our program, and whether said person has been accepted into the program.  When a youth is accepted, we will communicate with the placing agency as far as determining the date, time, and means of transportation. *We also accept emergency placements.