On-site behavioral, trauma, and family therapy are offered with a cognitive behavior therapy approach. All other therapeutic services are offered off-site by local professionals; including, but not limited to, drug and alcohol.


Parenting Education


As a mom or a mom-to-be, both being educated and interacting with your child are essential to positive growth and development as well as encouraging their child to thrive. A strong goal of Haven Home for Girls is to grow the mothers so that they may live independently with their child post-discharge.


Independent Living Skills


The program at Haven Home for Girls centers around the youth developing and using independent living skills. Cooking, cleaning, acquiring employment, driver’s education, and budgeting are incorporated into our daily events. Additionally, we work with the youth to secure post discharge housing in collaboration with their individual goals.

Father involvement


We are interested in fostering positive father involvement.  Fathers are welcome to attend parenting classes and to maintain regular contact/visits with their child.  

Post-Discharge Involvement


We at Haven Home for Girls are dedicated to ensuring that our youth have the support and information that they need to be successful long after their discharge from our facility.  We will maintain contact with the youth we serve to ensure that they have the support that they need.